Hey, my name’s Trix. I’m 18 and I enjoy parkouring, baseball, honey cakes, and rock music. If it wasn’t for a certain little detail, I’d say that I’m just your average young punk. Well, I guess things change when you become a vigilante.


The Panda Journals is a narrative tale centering around an 18-year-old heroine as she finds her place in the world while dealing with both normal and abnormal problems. Every entry is told through first person narrative and is set in a fictional, near-future city named Haven, a city suffering from an increase in crime after strict anti-drug laws were passed. More details are revealed overtime as the story progresses.

There are new journal entries every Saturday, and infrequently there will be related posts in the middle of the week in relation to Trix’s entries but not necessarily written by her.


Maya Anais Bolden is a college student at State University of New York at New Paltz. She graduated with an associate’s degree from Orange County Community College and is working on getting a bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Production. When she isn’t writing either stories or roleplaying posts, she is generally playing various video games and communicating via Skype. She also likes chocolate because of its awesomeness.