Entry One: Three Thugs, One Bat

I didn’t think I would be the reason why three bodies were lying on the asphalt of an alleyway.

It all began when I was running across rooftops. I’m a parkour artist. I scale buildings with no equipment whatsoever. It’s always fun to travel by hopping between a bunch of city structures. I’ve been doing it since I was around twelve. I remember when my left foot slipped on the brick wall of some rundown apartment. What followed subsequently was a painful fall, several bruises, and the smell of milk gone bad. I landed in a dumpster. Little Pipsqueak called me a skunk while my deadbeat parents simultaneously pointed at the bathroom door across the room.

That’s not what I wanted to write about though. No, I wanted to write about how I kicked thug ass.

So I was travelling along the rooftops, minding my own business when I heard a scuffle going on below me. It was pretty warm, but I was still wearing my panda-eared hooded jacket over my tank top. Didn’t feel like having people bother me. My choice of weapon was a wooden baseball bat. It’s rickety and ancient. I randomly picked it up somewhere when I was looking for a bat to use for batting practice. Looked like no one was using it, so I called Finders Keepers and claimed it for myself. I tiptoed to the edge of the roof and glanced downward into the alleyway. I could see three thugs, a young girl, and a guy whom looked like the girl’s brother. The brother appeared to be about my age while the girl was somewhere in her early teens. I couldn’t see the thugs’ faces from my angle, but I could clearly see the brother’s face as he stood in front of his sister. He was clearly pissed.

“Get away from my baby sis, ya assholes!” was what the brother exclaimed. That confirmed my suspicions.

“What ya gonna do? It’s 3 against 1!” one of the thugs noted.

“Sure wouldn’t mind playin’ wit’ ya sis, haha…” another thug taunted. I could sense the jeers on each of their dirty little faces as I watched the brother shift into a fighting stance.

“Over my dead body!”

As expected, the thugs jumped the guy and easily overpowered him with sheer numbers. Before he could hit the ground, the trio used the brother as a punching bag as two guys held his arms and the third kept throwing punches. I watched as the brother cringed in pain with every punch. His face bled with purple bruises all over it, and his gut was probably throbbing from all the hits it was taking. I could feel my anger rising as the young man was tossed aside. Now there was no one to protect the teenage sister from getting assaulted. She sat there crying the whole time, and when the thugs turned to her, her pleas were the last words I heard.

“No, please, don’t hurt me! Get away, don’t touch me!”

That caused me to snap.

Suddenly my legs moved as my body jumped off the edge of the roof as my arms swung backwards. I landed on the middle one with my bat raised above my head. The wood collided with his skull as I promptly knocked him out. I felt myself standing on top of his unconscious body. The jerk’s friends were outraged and went charging for me. I could barely see them through the red lenses over my eyes. The left one got hit in the groin with the thrusting tip of the bat while the other was smashed upside the head by the same bat. He was my first target as I brutally beat him upside the head with my weapon until I saw blood spill. My second target was the one I hit in the groin. Before he could fully recover, I was kicking his ass as well. Even though the third was already unconscious, I made sure he couldn’t get up by breaking both his sorry legs.

I’m not a fan of violence, but those bastards had it coming.

I gave the girl a once-over. She was both grateful and shocked at the same time. With a slight smirk on my face, I dashed away, rapidly working my way up to the rooftops and leaping my way back home. That should be the end of it, right?


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