The Haven Times Issue 1


The government’s attempts at controlling the amount of drug use and crimes resulting from it have instead cause crime rates to rise. The citizens of Haven are now endangered by the violent gang uprisings that occur on an almost daily basis. Gang factions are forming, and together they are damaging the integrity of this once beautiful city. Many of these crimes are in relation to illegal substances. Some have been found illegally possessing various drugs while others are caught while under the influence. Patterns show that alcohol and analgesics are the popular choices. Mayor Jared Ravencroft has declared these recents events to be evidence that the police force must react by enabling a war on crime. The police are actively investigating crime scenes while also shutting down potential threats to people’s safety. Appropriate measures have been taken to combat the criminals responsible for this mess.


On Saturday, a large fire engulfed one of the apartment complexes in Downtown Haven. The apartment complex was located on Gregory Street, several blocks away from newly renovated Haven High School. The fire was reported at about eight pm. The apartment owner called 911 when he noticed the floor above his place was smoking. The fire alarm on the second floor did not go off thanks to it being broken. It was apparently supposed to be repaired the next day, but unfortunately that allowed time for the fire to spread further as the residents panicked. Despite utilizing proper safety procedures, eight people living in the apartment complex died while fifteen other people received critical burns. The Haven Fire Department did what they could to tame the fire and save the people on the upper floors that were still trapped within the building. It is unknown what caused this inferno.


Joe Schlock, 41, was arrested this past weekend thanks to reports from anonymous sources. Schlock was a daycare worker whom often babysat for various children outside of work as well. The police acquired a search warrant after reports of strange activities occurring within Schlock’s house. An abnormally large amount of aphrodisiacs were found within a secret compartment of the bedroom closet. A trip down to the basement revealed that Schlock was feeding an eight-year-old boy a cupcake. A quick scan of the cupcake revealed that some of the drugs were injected into the batter. According to the police report, the boy behaved in “a strange, intoxicated manner” as he was sent back home to his parents. More information will be given as the investigation continues.


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