Entry Six: A Smoky Trail

Thanks to my best friend, I had a potential culprit for the fire: The Inferno Dragons.

I decided to meet up with Derek yesterday. Derek and I are close friends; he’s like an older brother to me. We knew each other since elementary school. I helped him get out of his ” girls are icky” stage by playing sports with him. Since then, we’ve talked and made it a habit to hang out with one another at least twice a week. It was a little harder for us to meet up when I kept going to Saint Maria’s, but we still managed. I arrived at the basketball court via my usual method of travel, and he waited for me on the ground. I saw the friendly grin on his face as he glanced at me. Me being on the rooftop was no surprise to him.

“How’s my Trix doin’?” he cheerfully asked. I hopped down in front of him and hugged my arms around him. His right hand playfully ruffled my thick, messy black hair. After a short duration of time, we separated from the hug but still stood closely to each other.

“So you did get dreads!” I noted as my eyes focused on his hair. In my opinion, that hairstyle suits his complexion; he’s dark brown with beautiful brown eyes. They’re warm unlike my generally cold black holes. Obviously he’s African American, so no, we aren’t related by blood, but we might as well should be with how close we are. Besides being a laidback guy, he’s also a good source of information. He has a lot of connections and often receives news quick. Actually, his connections helped me acquire my new home.

“Yeah, I decided to just go through with it. Like ’em?”

“Pretty cool. Now you just need to be able to play sick beats!”

That comment got him chuckling. To be honest, I’m more of a rock fan though. Alternative’s pretty cool to me. I can also get into Metal. Screamo is a completely different story.

“You and Josh liking the new place?”

“Yeah. Josh is much happier now.”

“I’m glad. He needed to get away from those abusive bastards. I’m sorry you’ve been under their ‘care’ for so long.”

“Hey, don’t worry ’bout it, it’s fine.”

“You had me worried sick with those bruises. Very rarely have I ever heard of someone getting two black eyes from the exact same incident.”

“Ha ha….” I started to feel uncomfortable, so I changed the subject. “So I’ve been hearing ’bout these fires. You know anything?”

“I’ve heard a lot actually. You won’t believe who’s back.”

Derek suddenly straighten his posture before leaning in close to me. This had to be pretty freaking important.

“Trix, those Inferno Dragons are back.”

“What?” My eyes widen as I flatly responded. Those bastards were the ones responsible for the Haven High incident. Thanks to their many cases of arson, they were often called “The Infernal Dragons” since they were a menace to society. Many of them were arrested after Haven High burned down. Now they were back for revenge.

“Derek, they haven’t been near Uptown, have they?”

“Thankfully no. They been lighting up buildings deep in Downtown. People say that those two fires on the news were ’cause of them.”

That was a helpful bit of information, but I needed evidence. However, I couldn’t let Derek in on my secret. I was already putting Josh in danger by him knowing; I didn’t need to put Derek in danger too. Plus knowing him, he would worry to all hell and back if he found out I was fighting crime all by myself. So I simply nodded and decided to proceed on to lighter topics.

“Wanna go to the usual place?” I questioned. His posture went from secretive to relaxed.

“Yeah, need me to pay for your ice cream?”

“Nah, I got it.”

“Oh! Speaking of money…”

A frown grew on my face. He had that tone in his voice. It was a tone he had whenever he had to tell me something he knew I wouldn’t like. I tried making a guess.

“Is it about the apartment? Because you know, that’s all good and paid for.”

“It’s not so much about you paying for it than it is about the person who helped me find it…”

Oh hell no. He was not….

“…Please tell me you didn’t…”

“Yeeaaaahhh……you owe a certain someone a date.”

“Quit leaving me in fucking suspense and just say it.”



Welp, this weekend is going to suck. As for the evidence, well, I’ll take care of that later. We left for ice cream afterwards, and even though I could pay for my own scoop, he paid for both of us anyway. I had a feeling it was his way of apologizing to me.


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