Entry Seven: Royal Pains

Goddamnit, why did I forget about the Blood Princes?

Those bastards were still pissed at me for wrecking two of their gang members, so yesterday I found myself in a bad situation. I had to fight about ten guys at once, and every single one of them was much buffer than I. Oh, and I also found physical evidence and managed to rumble with one of the Inferno Dragons.

I’ll start with the Inferno Dragons first.

I decided to head back to the apartment building where I saved that family. Of course, the location was still under investigation, so I had to be careful. The police would get pissed if they saw me entering the restricted parts of the building. Normally the investigation wouldn’t take so long, but this was becoming a trend. Crimes happen all the time in Downtown Haven, but never like this. Crimes do not fall into patterns naturally. Having the exact same type of incident occur multiple times in a short time span is something to worry about. It means someone is formulating a plan.

Despite my discontent with this city, I don’t like the sound of someone burning it to the ground.

I was about two blocks away from the original building. My eyes glanced at the ground level as I watched the police cars drive away. For a second I thought they were on break, but that was when the scent hit my nose. It was that burning smell again. Within no time I bolted in the same direction as the cars. Sure enough, there was another fire. This one blazed wildly out of control. It not only engulfed the apartment building it started from, but it was dangerously close to lighting the nearby buildings on fire as well. The fire department was already there. People were escorted out the area by firefighters. Water blasted out of the hoses. I could see the gushes of liquid fight the growing inferno. (Wait, that line sounds extremely pornographic….it sounded better in my head.) Since the people were safe, I decided to investigate instead. I leaped through a window only to realize too late that it was closed. My sneakers broke the window as the glass shattered. It made a mess, but I suffered no injuries except for a few cuts.

One of my observations was the fire was crazier this time. The other fires seemed more controlled than this one. My second observation was how sloppily the job was done. Two minutes of observation resulted in me finding a bunch of flammable materials scattered around the place. I would’ve dismissed it as coincidence if it wasn’t for the fact some of it was gasoline. Who the fuck would keep gasoline in apartment hallways? Also, no matter how clumsy someone is, no one manages to spill shampoo the entire length of several halls. I was starting to think this was a pretty shitty attempt at copycatting the previous fires. At least until I noticed someone leaped out the window I just broke while wearing the Inferno Dragons jacket. Like hell if I was letting this one escape.

I dived out the window and was greeted with a blast of water. It knocked me off the building and sent me spiraling into the dumpster. My clothes were soaked, and the makeup on my face partially melted away. Irritated and wet, I leaped out the dumpster just as the figure turned a corner. I sprinted after him. From behind me I heard shouts from the cops. I refused to stay behind and get arrested. I was NOT taking the punishment for this. It was one thing to let my parents beat me for something my little brother did; it was another to let myself get arrested for a complete stranger. Not to mention this stranger was malicious in intent. The figure noticed me and picked up speed. In turn I also sped up. It was a wild chase through the streets of Haven. My teeth gritted with frustration as I got close to him. At this point, I could see his physical features. It was a brunette young male with an average frame.

I yelled at him while my hand reached out to grab his collar. “Motherfucker, if you don’t tell m–“

Suddenly I was choking with a muscular man’s arms wrapped around my neck. The man dragged me into a dark alleyway. I struggled to no avail. I didn’t know who it was and assumed it was more Dragons. However, once the other guys appeared, I noticed the colors were different. It only took me a second afterwards to realize I was in the vicinity of several Blood Prince members. The man hurled my body against the brick wall. I cringed in pain from the impact. I sat against the wall as I tried to regain my composure. The back of my head collided with the brick, so my vision was blurry for a bit. I could see waves of hoodies closing in on me.

“You dun fucked up, bitch!”

“Messin’ wit’ our boys, are ya?”

“We’ll beat your face in!”

I completely forgot about that incident. More crap happened since then. At this point, I had just about enough. The suspect scampered away as I remained in the company of a bunch of gangsters that wanted my blood. Brilliant. I glared at all of them as I unsteadily stood up. My hand pulled the bat off my back.

“K, so which one of your royal asses do I beat first?”

My answer was ten doofuses charging at me at once.

Several minutes later, they were all out cold. My bat was caked in blood and splintered. I walked away with several bruises whistling a random tune. I tend to whistle when I’m annoyed. In this case, I was rather annoyed and took out my frustrations on a bunch of thugs. They chose a bad time to jump me.

But now I have to find those Infernal Dragons.


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