Entry Eight: Dates? Seriously?

To tell you the truth, I would’ve much preferred to go looking for the Inferno Dragons, but nooo, I had to go on a date with someone whom I have no romantic interest in.

That someone was Luke. A rich guy from Uptown Haven that plays football but still manages to be kind of a fruity gentleman. He’s not at all stupid and actually writes some pretty decent short stories and poems. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but he’s not an asshole about it. He also happens to be a male that puts females first.

So why do I not want to date him? Because he’s fucking annoying. No, seriously, he really is. First off, he can’t shut up, and thanks to the way he is, you can’t talk over him or tune him out. Second off, he takes chivalry too far and goes into the white knight zone. Do you know how many times I have had to express to him that I could take care of myself? It’s even worse if I have some injuries on my body like those two black eyes I had when I beat up those three thugs. He feels the need to coddle me through everything like I’m some helpless damsel.

Third off, truth be told, I just don’t like him. He rubs me the wrong way, and I wish that he would understand that. I tried being blunt with him before. To be honest, I think he listens and is well aware but feels that if he keeps trying and pushing my buttons that he’ll get me falling into his arms.

Not goinna happen, Prince Charming.

For the date, I somehow pulled my unruly hair into a (somewhat) tamed bun. I wore a black halter top with some nice black jeans. My shoes were black gladiator-style sandals. I wondered if I should have worn a mini skirt to mess with the Uptown folks, but I remembered my discomfort in skirts and decided against it. I expected to meet up with Luke at the border. My apartment wasn’t too far away from it. Derek was babysitting Shortstop for me and brought his little sister as well. I exited my room in my chosen attire. Derek glanced over and lightly nodded as Pipsqueak snickered.

“Trixie, Trixie, why you so dit–“

“Shut it, Josh.” He was not about to recite that song to me.

“Try to have fun, Sis. I’ll keep Josh in check.” stated Derek. I noticed his face struggled with keeping the friendly smile. He probably wanted to smirk a bit. He knew full well I had no interest in Luke, and that I had no interest in dates in general.

“You look pretty Trix!” exclaimed Derek’s sister cheerfully.

“Thanks Daisy. Well, see ya.”

“Good luck!” the three of them responded simultaneously.

I left the apartment and locked the door behind me. As I glanced at my apartment number, my ears picked up a conversation happening downstairs. The two voices were familiar to me. Further listening made my eyes narrow. It was Mr. Dubfire talking to none other than Luke.

“Ah, so you’re dating Trixie! I remember her from the meeting we had over getting her the apartment. She’s so sweet and mature.” noted Mr. Dubfire.

“Yeah, but she can be quite the tough cookie!” added Luke.


I interrupted the conversation with my presence. Immediately Luke turned and bowed before gently grasping my hand.

“I told you to meet me at the border.” I grumbled lightly.

“And let a sweet young lady walk by herself through the dangerous part of town in an attention-grabbing outfit? I don’t think so!”

“I walk through here every day!”

“You really need to let me drive you around.”

I pouted a bit as my face frowned at the idea of letting him drive me everywhere. That was when the realization hit me.


“Well no duh, where else am I supposed to park?”

He was lucky this was the better part of Downtown. Even so, I hurried outside to make sure his car wasn’t stolen. I pulled him along with me as Mr. Dubfire waved goodbye.

“Have fun, you little rascals!”

I could hear the old man chuckle as he went back into his room. Luckily Luke’s car was still outside. People would kill for a state-of-the-art hover car like his. I would’ve hated to be the cause of why it was stolen. His parents would’ve been displeased. As soon as I stopped walking, he led me to the passenger side of the car. He opened the door like a gentleman and helped me into the car.

“Well aren’t you Prince Charming?” I playfully snarked as a smirk spread across my face.

Luke simply sighed and shook his head. “Lovely as always, Trixie.”

“Now what did I say about calling me that?”

“But your name is so adorable!”

Did I forget to mention the fact he loves calling me Trixie?

“I don’t like being called that.”

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t, that’s why.”

He drove the two of us into Uptown. Uptown is a stark contrast from Downtown. The grime and dirt of Downtown never seems to reach Uptown. Everything is clean and orderly; crimes never happen here. Plus everyone here is rich and drives hover cars. If somebody has a car in Downtown, it’s more than likely one of those older models that have wheels. No poor person can afford a hover car.

Things were fine when we were in the car, but once we left the vehicle, people kept staring at me. It was easy for rich people to tell who was rich and who wasn’t. My clothes were nice, but they weren’t expensive. I was lucky to have them in mint condition. I hated going to Uptown; I felt like an outcast every time I walked through there. Those stares irritated me. At least people don’t stare at me at St. Maria anymore. By now, everyone knows about Trixie Ravenna, the smart and lucky poor kid.

Luke took me out to dinner. Nothing notable happened there besides me getting a glance at the popular girl trio while we were entering the restaurant. I was glad that none of them noticed Luke or I. I can’t stand Lucielle. She’s the Alpha Bitch. Jennifer, or at least the way she behaves, is kind of boring with the way she copycats people. Ophelia on the other hand is a very sweet girl. I’m not sure why such a spoiled sweet girl like Ophelia spends time with Lucielle. That was a mystery for later though. I don’t remember the conversation we had, but I remember it being kind of bland.

I was dropped off in front of the apartment building. It took a fierce argument to keep him from escorting me to my place, and even then it was a compromise. He wanted to kiss me, but I jumped out of the vehicle before he could. I didn’t have time for romances.

“Have a good night Trixie!”

“See ya.”

I hung out with Derek at my apartment. When he and Daisy left, I watched some cartoons with Josh then sent him to bed. It was a late night for roaming…

…but when did I ever care?


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