Entry Nine: Where The Dragons Are

I forgot how important sleep was. I was so tired that I ended up oversleeping. That’s not what I want to write about though. What I wanted to report was that I found the Inferno Dragons. I even spotted the new leader.

It started with an exploding car.

It was late at night as I ran across the rooftops. My hand tightly clutched the side of a fire escape railing as I noticed odd activity happening below me. A male and a female were arguing with each other. The argument itself wasn’t the oddity; it was the fact that they were wearing identical jackets and a suspicious bottle was in the male’s hand. I decided to quietly lower myself down from the fire escape and listen. I remained in the shadows as the bickering continued.

“Boss didn’t give us orders to burn anything!” exclaimed the woman.

“Fuck what she says! I wanna burn somethin’!” the man growled impatiently.

This boss needed better thugs. My head tilted to glance at the emblems on the jacket. The guy turned just enough for me to see the symbol. Bingo. They were both Dragons. I couldn’t beat them up yet though. I still needed more information. I continued listening.

“Ya going to fuck shit up if you do this, Frank!”

“I want some motherfuckers to burn!”

They continued bickering on whenever or not they should act. Finally the guy was frustrated enough to toss the bottle. It then hit me; that bottle had a handkerchief in it. That was….

Oh shit.

The molotov cocktail set the car it collided with aflame. Fire surrounded the old hunk of junk. The female freaked out as the male laughed maniacally. The male received a slap to the face.

“YOU FUCKING IDIOT! We gotta run now!”

The duo dashed down away. That was my cue to follow them. I climbed back up to the rooftops and chased them down. This time I was chasing them stealthily. It was time for me to locate their base.

Ironically enough, they went to a basketball court that was almost right next to Haven High. There was an old shed in the back that no one hung out in. It was technically closed down after the Haven High incident, but following the law wasn’t something gangs agreed with. Once they got past the tape, I dropped down to the ground and tiptoed to the broken fence. I stayed there and glanced through the caution tape. I saw the two members and several others. They were gathered around one person sitting on top of a pile of junk. The pile was like a trashy throne. The person was a female with striking red hair. Half of her hair reached about two inches past the jaw while the other half was shaved close to her head.  The long half partially covered her face so that I could only see one eye. The other one hid behind the hair. Her green eyes had a ferocity to them. Something told me that she didn’t take kindly to failure.

Then I watched as some unlucky guy was lit on fire.

“You fucked up.” was all she uttered as the guy screamed in agonizing pain.

What bullshit cruelty. I almost stepped in there, but then I realized that there were well over twenty Inferno Dragons hanging out in that one spot. No way in hell could I fight them yet. I frowned realizing this as my heart pounded. It hurt to see that guy suffer. That was when I heard the sound of two more Dragons showing up. Forced to retreat, I ran off into the night. I needed better preparation. I thought I was safe once I reached the top of the school roof.

Well, I found another parkour artist. One that was from the Inferno Dragons. Whoops.

“Hey, who the fu–“

I jumped on him and beat him down with the bat before he could say anything else. I rushed away but tripped over loose scrap metal that fell off the edge and landed on one of the dumpsters. I could hear a mild commotion as I stood up. My rickety bat cracked when I landed on it. One glance made me notice how the wood was splitting in half. Cursing to myself, I got out quickly and ran home before anyone else could find me.

If I want to fight the Inferno Dragons, I’m going to need:

  • A new bat
  • A disguise
  • Some sunscreen

I can’t fight the entire gang at once, so I’m going to have to take down the leader and hope the followers falter. I could probably get her arrested or something. That should work as a plan, right?


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