Entry Twelve (Sort of): Blah

Well, this has been awkward. As stated in my previous two entries, I suffered some injuries and had my adopted older brother/best friend of sorts tell me off for hiding it. So thanks to Derek, I couldn’t really do any crime-fighting. I haven’t really done much outside of just resting and relaxing. I’ve gone about my normal activities and stuff. Going to school, going to work, and making sure the little twerp isn’t getting into trouble. I did all of that while my wounds healed up.

Some people at school were wondering just what exactly happened. It’s pretty common knowledge that I’m from a not-so-great background and that I’m dirt poor; I just never felt like telling anyone my business. Like hell if I would ever mention it to Luke. Oh yeah, freaking Luke tried to go all white knight on me. I wasn’t going to let that happen. It took me quite a bit of arguing to avoid having him at my side 24/7, but he still drove me home and to school much to my grimace. When will he get the message?!

That’s not to say I haven’t been fighting though. Yeah…I kind of beat the shit out of a bully the other day. In fact, I have to deal with two angry parents today about it. That should be fun. But hey, you don’t fuck with my little brother. This asshole 10-year-old thought he was slick and decided to push my brother around. According to Josh, this kid was a jerk that liked to pick on him during recess. Usually the kid had his friends with him, but when I went to pick up Josh, the bully was by himself. I raised an eyebrow as I watched Shortstop get shoved. Using my observation skills, I noticed that there were other people hiding about. I wondered for a moment why they would be hiding. Then it clicked.

These asshole fifth graders were about to jump my brother.

I showed that bully what the term “Mama Bear” meant.

Unfortunately I hurt my shoulder when I laid the smackdown on the bully, so I have to wait a bit longer before I can go out and kick some ass. I’m only waiting up until the weekend though. I’m getting sick of just sitting around. The Inferno Dragons destroyed a nursery recently. You don’t do that kind of shit in my city. Expect to hear from me soon, you goddamn pyros.