Entry Four: Haven’s Vigilante

It’s official: I am now a vigilante. This is a new responsibility for me, but I’m the kind of person that believes if you want change, then you have to make change. My way of change just happens to be bashing thugs’ skulls in.

I came to this decision after running across a local news report on TV. Shortstop was shifting through channels while I entered the apartment. He stopped when he heard me walk in. I was tired after a busy day at Cowabunga Pizza. I’m a delivery girl, and I normally don’t use a car. I leap across buildings while carefully carrying several boxes of pizza at once. On the downside that means I can’t do any tricks, but it is a fun way to deliver food. It’s also my main source of income. I forgot how many orders I delivered today simply because there were so many. Seems like everyone was craving pepperoni. I removed my hat and kicked my shoes off. It was time to chill out. My feet voluntarily slid against the floor towards the couch. I noticed that Josh was already sitting there with an excited expression on his face. Raising an eyebrow while smirking, I playfully ruffled his raven locks as he tried stopping me to no avail.

“Whatcha wanna eat, kiddo?” I asked as I kept playing with his hair.

“Pizza!” he exclaimed in a mildly mischievous tone. That tone told me he was just messing with me since he knew I just finished work. His smart-assery was rewarded with a mild glare as I hopped onto the couch and sat next to him.

“Now what do you REALLY want to eat?”

“I dunno, maybe cheeseburgers?”

“Works for me.” My hand reached out for the phone as I prepared to order some cheeseburgers for us. I knew how much money I had since I checked shortly before coming home. However, Josh’s response to what the anchorwoman stated prevented me from dialing.

“Look Big Sis, it’s about the Panda Crusader!”

“‘Panda Crusader’? What’s that, some new show?”

Putting the phone down for a moment, I decided to listen to what Kiara Juañez had to say.

“A mysterious young woman wearing a panda hoodie has been brutally beating criminals on the streets of Haven. The first incident occurred almost two weeks ago in an alleyway down on Knox Street, where witness Kelsey Jett watched as the panda-eared attacker viciously injured three would-be rapists. The attacker left the men in critical condition. The second incident occurred just several days ago when two young boys were saved by the same figure as she beat down two members of the Blood Princes. Rumors have been circulating around town about the possible identity of this woman, and questions have been asked about her intentions. Is this vigilante truly doing this out of the kindness of her heart, or does she have ulterior motives? Is this the start of something big? We will keep you updated on the latest developments here at Channel 12 Local News. Moving on to our next story…”

I sat there stunned as my brother was bouncing excitedly. I never thought I would end up in the news. Did my actions really affect the town? I always hated the amount of crime in Haven especially after the anti-drug laws, but I never considered becoming a vigilante. I was simply helping out people at the time. It made me seriously dwell on the idea. I wasn’t much for fame, but if I could put fear in the hearts of criminals…

“Isn’t she awesome?!”

Josh’s words interrupted my thoughts. My eyes diverted from the television screen to him.

“Uh, Josh, can I tell y–“

“Now there’s somebody out there helping the police!”

“That’s nice, bu–“

“Can you imagine Sis? A real superhero!”

“I’m happy that y–“

“I wonder where’s she’s gonna–“


The truth spilled out of me like a geyser. Pipsqueak’s first reaction was to laugh. He was cackling at my remark. I stared at him blankly as he rolled around on the couch howling. This went on for at least several minutes. Then he glanced at my face. I must have appeared serious because immediately he stopped laughing and his eyes widen in amazement.

“Wow, so you’re….you’re not joking?”

“Nope. And I got to thinking something. Maybe I should be a vigilante.”

“That’s so cool! You’ll be kicking bad guys’ butts! They won’t know what hit them!”

“But they will if anyone finds out about this. Josh, I need you to promise me that you won’t tell anyone. I don’t care who they are. No one can know that I fight criminals. If anyone found out, that would not only risk my life, but it would put your life at risk as well. And I really don’t want to lose you, ya know? I care about you and your safety.”

I could tell there was mild disappointment in his eyes, but nonetheless he nodded silently in agreement. Josh is a good kid. He knows when to keep his mouth shut. If he didn’t, I’m pretty sure we would be separated right now.


I gave Shortstop a hug and ruffled his hair a bit more. I made an important choice today, and I always follow through my decisions.