Trix, Haven’s Panda Hero

  • Full Name: Trixie Ravenna
  • Alias(es): Trix, Panda, Big Sis
  • Occupation: Part-Time Cowabunga Pizza Delivery Girl, High School Student, Hero
  • Hobbies: Parkour, Baseball, Softball, Fighting Criminals, Reading
  • Likes: Various Genres of Rock Music, Honey Cakes, Her little brother Josh, Parkour, Baseball, Feminism, Action Movies, Honesty
  • Dislikes: Her parents, Misogyny (no matter the source or target), Gang violence, Being called Trixie, Lying

Josh, Annoying Yet Awesome Little Brother

  • Full Name: Josh Ravenna
  • Alias(es): Shortstop, Pipsqueak, Little Bro, Pretty Much Anything That Means Short
  • Occupation: Fourth Grader
  • Hobbies: Soccer, Kickball, Watching TV, Bothering Trix
  • Likes: Adventure Books, Action Movies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, His big sister Trix, Soccer, Flying, Kung-Fu Robot
  • Dislikes: Arguing, Broken Promises, Olives, Spinach, Darkness

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